OakPark Architects, llc


  • Master of Architecture, M.I.T.

C. P. Chow, founding partner of OakPark Architects, retired in 2017. Peter's legacy in the firm extends from our portfolio to his mentorship and is especially present in our shared vision: that beauty and pragmatics can and must work together.

Peter's Academic Appointments (University of Hartford Adjunct Professor of Architecture from 1993 to 1998, Yale University Architecture School Lecturer from 2002 to 2008) compliment hisProfessional Associations and Civic Appointments: AIA/Connecticut Board of Directors- 1993, 2002 to 2007, Design Commission Chair- 1993, 1994,- Treasurer- 2007; Town of West Hartford Design Review Board- 1991 to 1993; AIA/North Virginia Design Awards Juror- 1997; AIA/New England-Design Awards Committee chair- 1999; AIA/NAIA/Rhode Island Design Awards Juror- 2002; University of Hartford Ward School of Technology Member of Accreditation Advisory Board- 1999.

Peter's design leadership and contributions earned him and our firm the following Awards:

  • American Institute of Architects Scholarship Award- 1975
  • AIA/Connecticut Emerging Architects Award- First Recipient- 1985
  • AIA/Maine Award of Excellence- 1995
  • AIA/Connecticut Award of Excellence- 1998
  • National Art Education Association Facility Design Award- 2000
  • American School and University Recognized for Educational Design Excellence- 2001
  • West Hartford Historic District First Place Award- 2005

and Recognition:

  • HOME magazine - February 1986, April 1985
  • Northeast Magazine- April 1987
  • Connecticut Magazine- March 1994, October 1990
  • Builder/Architect Magazine- December 1995
  • Architectural Record- August 1997
  • PLANNING- November 1997
  • American School and University Magazine- November 2001
  • Education Spaces Volume III , Image Publishing Group, Mulgrave Victoria, Australia- Spring 2003

Currently, Peter is pursuing new forms of his old passion for photography, meshing his interest in the built environment with experimental visual expression. CPChowPhoto